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Monday, June 4, 2012

You Like zombies!!

So, after posting pictures of the new Head Over Heels Zombie girl on Facebook and my other blog, I've been flooded with emails saying "I'm not going to Bead and Button, so how do I get one??"

Here's the answer... I will bring home any remaining kits and will fill orders from people who preordered via PayPal (more on that in a minute). THEN I will start making more to fill additional preorders and after that, I will make more and add the kit to the website. I'm only planning on making 75 kits all together, but my need to pay bills might make me increase this to a number that fills orders through October... No promises)

Based on initial reaction, I honestly don't expect to come home with any of the kits (I'm only taking 20 and several of those are already reserved for preorders) so I expect that I will be making more when I get back to fill the PayPal preorders and they will be ready mid to late June (I won't be back till the 12th so late June is realistic If I give myself a day or two off.)

So... Here's the deal with preorders... If you would like to order a Zombie girl kit at the Bead and Button price of $150 (price will be $175 after the show) you need to put a $50 deposit down on your kit by Sunday, the last day of the show. To do this. Go to and send $50 to Include all your contact info in the notes section.

I will fill the orders in order of receipt and will let you know an expected date of delivery after the show when I know if there are any kits left. When your kit is ready, I will send you a PayPal invoice for the balance. Once received, I will send your kit to you!

Make sense? If not, Email me and I'll answer any questions.

Tiny blah blah blah...

Not enough coffee in the world to get me through this busy day!

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