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Friday, December 30, 2011

Where it began...

So this started with my being completely amused by the Handmade Ryan Gosling site.  It makes me DIE laughing.  After showing it to my friend, Jill, we both agreed that Ryan, fab though he is, wouldn't be our own pick for a bead-stud.  I went and found my OWN inspiration, Gerard Butler.... gorgeous, rough around the edges.... perfect bead stud.

For the record, I'm pretty sure that Gerard has no clue about beads and if he did, he probably lose some tough guy points and that wouldn't make him nearly as crush-worthy.... but we can just pretend that he gets us... when other men don't.  (and I'm pretty sure they don't)

p.s.  This blog will probably make my mom proud.  She always wanted me to be a stand-up comedian... and even though she probably won't get the humor here, she'll be glad I'm making others laugh.... in addition to making pretty things....which is what I do when I'm not being silly.

Hope this makes you smile a little.


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  1. Gerard Butler is the perfect host for this blog. Congrats on having wonderful taste!!