Because laughter and beads are the best medicine....

Thursday, January 5, 2012

And now a word from Sylvie...

It's time to interrupt your viewing to talk about...
well, whatever I choose to talk about because I made this blog!

Today's topic...
(that's me)

You may or may not know that in addition to being a world-renowned blogger,
I am ALSO a glass artist, as well as a beadwork designer and instructor.

You think I'm fun 
(if you didn't you wouldn't be reading this part that doesn't have bead-hunks)
so you would LOVE my classes!!!

My 2012 schedule has some gaps that need to be filled
and I would LOVE to have fun people fill them!!

SO...RUN don't walk to you bead society or local bead store and say,
"HEY! You should have Sylvie come teach!!  She's FAB!"
Then give them my website (
and HOPEFULLY we'll be laughing in person SOON!

Seriously, my classes are fun and exciting and like no one else's
because ALL my projects include my handmade glass beads...
which makes each kit totally unique!

How great is that??!!
 Wonder what I teach???
Here's a link to the whimsy that is Sylviebead classes...

Hope to see you at a class SOON!!!!

(this concludes today's shameless plug)

p.s.  I'm changing the Starbucks bribery to an one... I'm still happy to take bribes to feature your favorite hunk, but I think I'm going to be caffeinated for a LONG time... I figure there are always great beady books to buy!!!


  1. Whew...I love me some Gerard Butler. I have to check out your classes.

  2. I can't promise to bring Gerard, but I DO promise to bring the fun!