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Monday, January 9, 2012

And now a word from Sylvie...

Sorry to distract you from the bead-hunks for a minute,
but I've got an announcement...

and it's a fun one (I think!)

It's time for a contest!!!!!!  

You all have treated me to some FABULOUS coffee and book gift certificates 
and I'd like to treat one
of YOU to a gift certificate of your own!!

Here's the deal....

I thought it would be fun if you made a "hey girl" for me!   Some of your "custom order" bead-hunks haven't been the easiest for me because we all have our own types (which is what makes life interesting, right?) and my own request might be as hard for you as some of them have been for me.  I love this actor... he played a sensitive bartender in "Men in Trees" (I miss that show!)  He's not the leading-man type that a lot of the "hey girl" hunks have been, but I can just tell he REALLY would care about whether or not I had enough kits made by June and that really wants to help carry my bins and boxes to my booth!  Who is he?  Abraham Benrubi  (you can google and find info/images too!)

SO... make ME a fun "hey girl"with an image of Mr. Benrubi and send it to... sylviebead @ yahoo . com (leave out the spaces)  The size needs to be around 500 pixels wide and 72 dpi.  You have until this Friday, January 13, 2012 Midnight Eastern Standard Time to get your entries in.  I'll pick my favorite, and they'll get either a Starbucks gift card or an Amazon gift card for $10.  

If you know him in real life... please see if he is busy in June.  (he is probably going to wonder why his website is suddenly getting tons of hits coming from this blog, but he might be tickled to know that he was picked as a "hey girl" guy... you never know.)

(Stephanie Dixon... you were already on this path with the one you made for me... you just didn't know the whole story.... Although quite hunky, I just don't think Jon Hamm would be very helpful at Bead and Button, do you?)

p.s.  This is the first of 2 contests coming up, so get your "hey girl" thinking caps on, if this one isn't for you... the next one MIGHT be!!


  1. Yay! I love him - he was on Jerry on ER :o) He looks like the sweet teddy bear type :o) And, while it's nice to drool over the hunka-hunka type, we all need a little teddy bear in our life ;o)

  2. This looks like Gerard Butler. I have no issue either way. And your posts totally crack me up. Imagine a hunk being willing to clean up our work tables for us. *snort*!

  3. it IS Gerard. Love Love Love Mr. Butler. (but I also have a soft spot for the big teddy-bear guys like Mr. Benrubi)