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Friday, January 27, 2012

A word from Sylvie...

Hey girls!

I need your help!!!

I'm headed to Tucson in a few days where I will be exhibiting and teaching.  I'm doing TWO shows this year, which means I'm extremely swamped preparing and packing.

Want to help lighten the load???  Send me a "hey girl" of your very own.  I'll pick 5 of them to feature next week.  You pick the hunk... you write the text.  I'll add the silly tags.  No prize this time, just bragging rights. 

The particulars...

1.  Keep it PG-13.  If it makes me blush, I probably won't post it!
2.  Keep it around 500 pixels wide in 72dpi
3.  Make the text in a font that's clear and easy to read (helvetica, verdana, etc.)
4.  Make it funny!
5.  Send it to sylviebead @ yahoo. com  (leave out the spaces)

If you have a website to plug... include that and I'll be happy to add your info to the post.  Hopefully I'll get enough to keep the blog going while I'm off selling.

Happy Friday!!!!!!


P.S.  If you're in Tucson, COME BUY BEADS!!!!  I'll be at the Whole Bead Show AND the Best Bead Show and I've got fun fun stuff!  (and spaces still available in my classes at Whole Bead... so come have a blast and bead with me!)

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  1. save me an awesome bead :o) I only have a couple of collection is screaming for some more :o)