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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hey girl... this is important!

It's that time of day... time for me to distract you from these bead-hunks...
at least momentarily.

Thank you for the out-pouring of e-mail love (and coffee love too!) 

TODAY, I'd like you to show some love to the folks at Beads of Courage.

If you don't know who they are or what they do, click the video link a little way down on the right-hand sidebar.  (you might want to grab a tissue because it's a touching story about how beads can change lives... really!)

Already know about Beads of Courage and want to help?? 
("yes! yes! yes!" you say!!  Because how can you say NO to Bead-hunks AND cute kids??!!)  

Here's what to do...

1.  Buy Beads!  (we're all good at that and they've got some GREAT art beads on their site!) Click here to buy Artist-Made beads from Beads of Courage

2. Give Money!  It takes funds to buy the non-art beads that the kids are given as well as funds to start programs in new hospitals.  Anything you can give will help.  Click here to donate

3.  Give Beads!  
Donating beads/funds to Beads of Courage is tax deductible... so it's a WIN WIN!!!

This concludes this part of the blog for today... think of this one like the fund-raising drive for PBS... you know you watch/listen (read the blog)... you KNOW you love the programming (cute guys talking about beads) so give!!!!!

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