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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A word from Sylvie...

Hey girls!!

It's that time of day... time for me to interrupt the eye-candy for "important" announcements.

Today's announcement is that we HAVE A WINNER!!!

Ya'll sent in some FUNNY stuff for the "Hey girl" for ME contest.  I know that Mr. Benrubi was a challenge, but you rose to the occasion and some of you CRACKED me up!  

The winner of the challenge was the very prolific Eva, who sent in 3 entries and ALL of them were super funny, but this one just tickled my funny bone, because it was JUST silly enough AND close to home-enough to be perfect for ME.

Eva wins her choice of a $10 Starbucks or Amazon gift card AND one of my PDF patterns that are on sale this month!!!  (I'll email you with details, but they're listed a few entries down in the blog)

Second place goes to Sharon, who was a smart cookie and found a picture of Mr. Benrubi as Ben, the sensitive bartender from Men in Trees, which is the reason he was my "hey girl" guy in the first place AND she referenced my mad-dash toward Tucson AND knows that when I get there, I will TOTALLY be ready for a cocktail!  Thanks Sharon!!  Sharon wins one of the PDF patterns also!

There were so many great entries... it was hard to chose, SO if you entered, you'll be getting an email from me letting you know that you've ALL won a free "Hey Girl Bribe"  asking who your bead-hunk will be!

Thank you for making ME laugh!!!

Watch for another contest announcement at the end of this week!

Have a great day!!



  1. OK Sylvie, I finally signed up. What's next? (this could be scary!)
    This is Linda Darmes if you needed to know.

  2. no need to worry or to DO anything LInda... just sit back and enjoy. :) (hopefully I can continue to be funny as I frantically prepare for Tucson... then prepare to come see you MI girls in March!)

  3. Woot! Thanks Sylvie! I had a ton of fun playing with this! Super thanks and keep up the great work. The winning entry definitely was more politically correct than mine! (snicker) oh and thanks for cheering ME up! I'm trying desperately not to be sick and failing miserably.
    Beady Hugs!