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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hey girl... a word from Sylvie

I have received SO many emails and messages telling me how much you like the blog.  I'm totally flattered... especially considering this was never going to BE a blog, it was just a joke I made on Facebook.  It's been said that I am one that can take a joke WAY past its shelf life, but so far... so good.

Here's the deal... This blog has no sponsors (up until now, my plugs have just been because they are friends), so I DO have to get some other things done that pay.  I make beads and beadwork projects/patterns to make a here's what you can do to help...

buy me a cup of coffee (or two or three)
which will save ME a little money and help keep me caffeinated...
which I need in order to stay up late thinking up silly stuff!

Look for the link on the right hand side of the page with the Starbucks logo.  Follow the directions and send me an e-gift card.  As a thank you, I'll make a post just for you... tell me who your "hey girl" guy should be and I'll go from there.  (you can e-mail me your request... sylviebead @ yahoo . com   (take out the spaces, that's just to keep spammers  away)

If you WANT to be a sponsor... e-mail me and we'll talk.  Who knows, maybe I'll leave my lucrative art career to become a professional blogger.  :)

P.S.  When placing a "special order" you are welcome to ask for a certain scenario, but I can tell you that the last 2 people who requested got something toooooootally different because they just kind of happen!  (example:  Colin Farrell was supposed to be cleaning Marcy's studio, but when I saw that photo... Lucky Charms was all I could think about!)


  1. mwah - love ya and love your comedic hilarity :o)

    Thomas just doesn't get these...and he gives me funny looks when I'm giggling at them all...

  2. OK...the verify word that I had to type for that last comment made me giggle - FUMBOP...

    The first thing that popped into my head was "FUMBOP def. The far-less appealing follow-up to Hanson's MMM-BOP."