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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A word from Sylvie...

Hey girls!!

It's that time of day... time for a word from me.  :)

First of all, thank you for all your fun comments and emails.  It really is nice knowing that I'm making you laugh till you spit your drinks on your computer screens....that said,  I can't afford to fix them, so please be careful!!

I keep hoping the funny doesn't run out and I still have something to post each day, but as you can tell, I'm sort of rationing them now... I have some "back-orders" of special requests, but I could always use more.  It seems the funniest things come from having to fit a bead-hunk in with the interests of the person sending a bribe.  It DOES help to know if you're a lampworker, beader, metal-smith, etc. when you send a request, so add that too if possible.

Thank you for your entries in the first Hey Girl contest... I'm getting a kick out of reading them!!  Remember, you have until Friday, midnight EST to get your entry in.  (If you don't know about the contest, look at yesterday's posting)

Have a fabulous day...  go make fun stuff!


  1. Ahh another one with Colin....if he just looks at you.... Swoon.

  2. Anything lampwork related with Alexander Skarsgard would be most appreciated!

  3. Alexander IS a hottie, isn't he?? I keep hoping someone will put in a gift-card bribe for him... he would be a fun one!!